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Reilly Portraits Series 1

April 4, 2014

I took these portraits of my dog Reilly today. She was unusually cooperative sitting for me against a white backdrop. Reilly is a rescued border collie/terrier mix. I hope you enjoy her portraits.

Reilly BW 5

Reilly BW Portrait 1

Reilly BW 4

Reilly BW Portrait 2

Reilly BW 3

Reilly BW Portrait 3

Reilly BW 1

Reilly BW Portrait 4

Reilly BW 2

Reilly BW Portait 5

Head Shot BW

Reilly BW Head Shot

Reilly Nose

Reilly Snout

Reilly looking up

Reilly Looking Up

Reilly Talking

Reilly Talking

Reilly looking serious
Reilly Color Portrait 1

Kim is available for commissioned portraits throughout the Tri-State area. To view her portfolio, go to:

Commercial and Catalog Shoots

June 19, 2013


Reggie, a German Shepherd, modeling a Dean & Tyler™ harness and leash.

I recently photographed a catalog for Dean & Tyler dog products. Dean & Tyler™ make beautiful hand crafted collars, harnesses and leases for dogs. You can view their products at Here are a few more images I shot for the catalog.


Herman, a French Bulldog, rocking The Warrior collar.


Remy, an English Bulldog, wearing one of their classic leather harnesses.


Sasha and Oliver, Great Danes, wearing matching collars and leashes.


Tuck, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, modeling the Tamed Beauty collar and leash.

Kim Levin is available for commercial and corporate animal photography.

For more information about rates, contact Kim at or email Kim directly at

Saying Goodbye Sympathy Book and Card Line

October 18, 2012



As many of you know who are familiar with my photography, two years ago we lost our beloved dog Charlie. While I had loved and lost dogs growing up, I hadn’t experienced the heartbreak of losing a dog as an adult. We adopted Charlie, a border collie/ greyhound mix, back in 1998 when I published my first book Why We Love Dogs. I took countless portraits of him over the twelve years that we had him. Nothing really prepares you for the loss of a family pet but the one thing I know from going through the experience, is that it helped me immensely to talk with other people who had shared the same loss.

At the time when we said goodbye to Charlie, Erica Salmon, my friend and writing partner on our book Dogma, was also mourning the loss of her bulldog Peaches who was 15 years old at the time. Erica and I both knew that we needed somewhere to put our grief and realized that there might be a way to alleviate or share in a loved one’s grief if there was a book about such loss. After many months of development the concept of Saying Goodbye was born. Our thinking was it would be a simple book of comforting words and black & white timeless portraits that people could give to friends and family when a pet passed. I know if someone had given me such a book, it would have brought me a great deal of comfort.

We found a great partner who shared our passion for this kind of project. For many years, I have worked closely with Sharper Cards in Calgary, Canada and they seemed like the perfect partner to bring our vision to reality. Sharper Cards and their US counterpart Smart Practice are due to release Saying Goodbye this January 2013. they will be offering the book as a part of their extensive vet network throughout the US and Canada. We also have a companion sympathy card line which you can view a few samples below:

The idea was to make the book available to anyone who wants to be able to share it with a friend, so please feel free to contact me directly ( if you would like to have access to the book. If you are a vet office or work in a vet office and you want to arrange for your office to carry the book, you can contact Sharper Cards directly at

The cover of Saying Goodbye features Zipper, a yellow lab, I photographed several years ago. Sadly, Zipper passed away this year, but I know that her owners find comfort in her lasting images and memories they have of her. Many of the dogs and cats featured in the book also have passed away and they are honored in the dedication page.

Dogs from Ground Zero

September 11, 2012

Back in 2001, a few weeks after Sept. 11th, I was sent to photograph the dogs working at Ground Zero by Bark Magazine. I was living in Red Bank, NJ at the time so I took the train into the city and made my way down to Ground Zero. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy assignment but I knew I had a job to do and I felt like all the experience I had up until that point, had prepared me for that moment. Part of the reason I was given the assignment is that I had photographed a book called “Working Dogs. Tales from Animal Planet’s K-9 to 5 World” (Discovery Books/Random House) in 2000, and several of the dogs featured in Working Dogs were search and rescue dogs.

Below are some of the photographs that I took on that day and that were published in Bark Magazine the Fall of 2001.

“Loki at WTC”

“Loki with Vets and Police Office Ulmer”


“NYPD Canine Unit Hat”

Additionally, my publishing company, Andrews McMeel, had asked if I had any photographs of dogs with the American Flag. I didn’t but I told them I would be honored to go out and take some. I took my dog Charlie around my neighborhood. It wasn’t hard finding American Flags in front of homes – almost every other house had one on their front porch. This picture is the result of that shoot. Charlie is no longer with us, like so many others that day. Here’s my tribute to them.

“Charlie with Flag”

Published in Dogma 2002 (Andrews McMeel Publishing)

Looking back at all of these photographs brings back all of the heartache and hope of those days following September 11th. I lost a friend that day. This post is dedicated to Jim Walsh, one of the nicest guys I ever met.

Newfoundland Friendship Card

June 11, 2012

Inside Greeting: So glad you’re you.

This Molly & Fig™ Card of the Day features Mr. Blue, a gorgeous Newfoundland, who hails from New Canaan, CT. Photographed 2011, Mr. Blue is the first Newfie to grace the Molly & Fig™ line. It’s about time. Molly & Fig™ cards and magnets are available in gift and stationary stores throughout the U.S. To find a store near you, go to

If you have a pet-related store in NJ or NY and are interested in carrying the Molly & Fig™ line, contact

Goldendoodle Greeting Card

May 21, 2012

Inside Greeting: It’s Bring Your Own Stick, right?

I am excited to introduce the new release for Molly & Fig™. These new cards and magnets are being launched at the NYSS show in New York City this week. This card features Clarke, an animated Goldendoodle. This entire collection is written by the fabulous Megan Colleen McGlynn, copywriter and animal advocate extraordinaire.

Clarke was photographed in my neck of the woods, along the Shrewsbury River in Shrewsbury, NJ. Molly & Fig™ greeting cards and magnets are available in gift and stationary stores throughout the US, Canada and Australia. If you have a pet-related store in the NY, NJ or Chicago area and would like to carry the cards, you can contact To view the entire line, go to

Check back tomorrow for the Molly & Fig™ Card of the Day.

Sato Birthday Greeting Card

January 19, 2012

Inside Greeting: I can’t wait to celebrate with you.

This Molly & Fig™ Card of the Day features Brownie Moo Moo, a rescued sato from Puerto Rico. Brownie is one of the hundreds of dogs rescued and brought to the U.S to be adopted through an amazing organization called Project Animal Worldwide. I had the opportunity to photograph Brownie Moo Moo in an effort to find him a loving home.

Project Animal is very proud to report that in 2011 Project Animal Worldwide supported the spaying and neutering of 119 owned dogs and cats in Puerto Rico.  In addition, for the animals who were not fortunate enough to have a home, Project Animal  transported  57 “sato” dogs and 1 “gato” (cat) from Puerto Rico to New Jersey for adoption through our shelter adoptions partners:  the Monmouth County SPCA and Wag On Inn Rescue.

For more information on how you can help Project Animal with their needs go to:

English Bulldog Birthday Greeting Card

January 11, 2012

One of our faves, this Molly & Fig™ Card of the Day features Bodhi, the English Bulldog riding his skateboard. Inside Greeting: Happy Birthday, Yo.

If you have a pet-related store in NY or NJ and would like to carry the Molly & Fig™ line, contact To order for the gift or stationary trade, go to to see the entire card line.

Golden Retriever Birthday Greeting Card

January 5, 2012

Molly & Fig™ Card of the Day

Inside Greeting: Let’s do it. Happy Birthday. This birthday greeting features Watts, the happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever. This Molly & Fig™ collection of cards and magnets are written by Megan Colleen McGlynn. In addition to being a terrific writer, Megan is a huge supporter of animal adoption and fosters dogs in her hometown of Chicago. Check out her work at

If you have a pet-related store in NY or NJ and would like to carry the Molly & Fig™ line, contact Kim directly at


Yellow Lab Puppy Birthday Greeting Card

January 2, 2012

Welcome back to the Molly & Fig™ Card of the Day. Featuring Finn, the yellow lab puppy taking a snooze. Inside Greeting: So worth it. Happy Birthday.

We are excited to introduce a great new selection of greeting cards and magnets for the new year. To order wholesale for your stationary, gift or pet-related store, contact or call 732-345-1405. To view the entire Molly & Fig™ collection, go to: The new Molly & Fig™ collection will be officially launched at the New York International Gift Show from January 28-February 2.