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English Bulldog Birthday Greeting Card

January 11, 2012

One of our faves, this Molly & Fig™ Card of the Day features Bodhi, the English Bulldog riding his skateboard. Inside Greeting: Happy Birthday, Yo.

If you have a pet-related store in NY or NJ and would like to carry the Molly & Fig™ line, contact To order for the gift or stationary trade, go to to see the entire card line.

Sharper Cards New Postcards and Holiday Cards

October 12, 2011

For several years I have had a great partnership with Sharper Cards, a business to business card company based in Calgary CA. Sharper Cards provides the appointment cards that your local veterinary hospital sends you. My licensing line with Sharper Cards consists of notecards, postcards, and totebags. Below are a few samples of the newest designs. To view the Kim Levin™ line of cards at Sharper, go to:

Featuring Bodhi, an English Bulldog puppy, on his skateboard

Featuring Scarlett, a bloodhound puppy, with her tennis ball

Featuring Jolie, a Golden Retriever, smiling

Featuring Alo, Breyer and Sophie hanging out

Featuring Snickers and Bailey cuddling together

Featuring Lulu and Ruth, two King Charles Spaniels, touching noses

Featuring Moxie and Milo, two yellow Labrador Retrievers, sharing a moment

Bulldog Magnet

March 8, 2011

I have to admit – I love this one. This Molly & Fig Magnet of the Day features Ginger, one of my favorite photography subjects. Ginger is just the sweetest dog. The line” I wake up this fabulous” – written by Megan Colleen McGlynn – fits her perfectly. To order this magnet or other Molly & Fig products wholesale, go to

To order Molly & Fig cards and magnets at retail, contact Kim directly at or, If you have a pet store or boutique in NJ and are interested in carrying the M&F line, Kim can arrange that as well.

Bulldog Puppy Magnet

March 3, 2011

Here’s the very first Molly & Fig Magnet of the Day. Last year, we added magnets to the Molly & Fig line so stayed turned for the next week or two. I will be showcasing some of them. This one features Bodhi, the English Bulldog puppy with the line “Is it me, or did it just get cuter in here”.

To see the entire line of Molly & Fig magnets or to order wholesale go to If you have a pet store or boutique in NJ and are interested in carrying the Molly & Fig line of magnets or greeting cards, contact Kim directly at or email

Bulldog Puppy Greeting Card

February 28, 2011

Happy Monday! Here’s Bodhi, the English Bulldog puppy, on the Molly & Fig Card of the Day. Bodhi is outrageously cute and the line written by Megan Colleen McGlynn is very funny. To order Molly & Fig greeting cards and magnets wholesale, go to If you have a pet products store in NJ and are interested in carrying the line, contact or go to