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Reilly Portraits Series 1

April 4, 2014

I took these portraits of my dog Reilly today. She was unusually cooperative sitting for me against a white backdrop. Reilly is a rescued border collie/terrier mix. I hope you enjoy her portraits.

Reilly BW 5

Reilly BW Portrait 1

Reilly BW 4

Reilly BW Portrait 2

Reilly BW 3

Reilly BW Portrait 3

Reilly BW 1

Reilly BW Portrait 4

Reilly BW 2

Reilly BW Portait 5

Head Shot BW

Reilly BW Head Shot

Reilly Nose

Reilly Snout

Reilly looking up

Reilly Looking Up

Reilly Talking

Reilly Talking

Reilly looking serious
Reilly Color Portrait 1

Kim is available for commissioned portraits throughout the Tri-State area. To view her portfolio, go to:

MCSPCA Homeward Bound 2014 Calendar

January 2, 2014
2014 Cover

2014 Cover

This year I had the honor of photographing the Monmouth County SPCA 2014 calendar, a fundraising program I started with the shelter 10 years ago. After a six year break , I was thrilled to be back photographing some very happy rescued animals from the MCSPCA. We selected a terrific group of dogs, cats and a giant rabbit named Fiona. The calendar is still available and can be purchased directly on the shelters’ website at

Below are the images that appear in the calendar as well as some of my favorite outtakes that didn’t make the cut. Enjoy! 


Angie Tongue

Angie Tongue





Casper playing the Organ

Casper playing the Organ


Maggie taking a break

Maggie taking a break



Alan on Steps

Alan on Steps




Socrates the Wise Soul

Socrates the Wise Soul





Marvelous Marv

Marvelous Marv


Fiona the Giant Rabbit

Fiona the Giant Rabbit

Angie Smiling

Angie Smiling


Alan Moping

Alan Moping


Tyrus Jumping

Tyrus Jumping


Icarus Talking

Icarus Talking


Cole posing

Cole Posing



Commercial and Catalog Shoots

June 19, 2013


Reggie, a German Shepherd, modeling a Dean & Tyler™ harness and leash.

I recently photographed a catalog for Dean & Tyler dog products. Dean & Tyler™ make beautiful hand crafted collars, harnesses and leases for dogs. You can view their products at Here are a few more images I shot for the catalog.


Herman, a French Bulldog, rocking The Warrior collar.


Remy, an English Bulldog, wearing one of their classic leather harnesses.


Sasha and Oliver, Great Danes, wearing matching collars and leashes.


Tuck, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, modeling the Tamed Beauty collar and leash.

Kim Levin is available for commercial and corporate animal photography.

For more information about rates, contact Kim at or email Kim directly at

Newfoundland Friendship Card

June 11, 2012

Inside Greeting: So glad you’re you.

This Molly & Fig™ Card of the Day features Mr. Blue, a gorgeous Newfoundland, who hails from New Canaan, CT. Photographed 2011, Mr. Blue is the first Newfie to grace the Molly & Fig™ line. It’s about time. Molly & Fig™ cards and magnets are available in gift and stationary stores throughout the U.S. To find a store near you, go to

If you have a pet-related store in NJ or NY and are interested in carrying the Molly & Fig™ line, contact

Molly & Fig™ Birthday Card

June 7, 2012

Inside Greeting: Have an awesome one!

This Molly & Fig™ Card of the Day features Charlie, my beloved and insane border collie/greyhound mix, who passed away two years ago. Even though Charlie is gone, we still talk and reminisce about him and all of his idiosyncrasies. It is so appropriate that his line is about being crazy because he simply was. This card was a best-seller at the NY Stationary Show this past May: a great homage to Charlie.

Cat Birthday Greeting Card

January 4, 2012

Inside Greeting: Happy Birthday. Again.

This Molly & Fig™ Card of the Day features Loki, a beautiful and serene cat relaxing on his cat hut. Molly & Fig™ cards and magnets are available in gift and stationary store throughout the US and Canada. If you are interested in carrying in a retail store, contact To view the entire Molly & Fig™ collection, go to This new collection will be introduced at the NY International Gift Show in NYC at the end of the month.

Yellow Lab Puppy Birthday Greeting Card

January 2, 2012

Welcome back to the Molly & Fig™ Card of the Day. Featuring Finn, the yellow lab puppy taking a snooze. Inside Greeting: So worth it. Happy Birthday.

We are excited to introduce a great new selection of greeting cards and magnets for the new year. To order wholesale for your stationary, gift or pet-related store, contact or call 732-345-1405. To view the entire Molly & Fig™ collection, go to: The new Molly & Fig™ collection will be officially launched at the New York International Gift Show from January 28-February 2.

Guest Judge for the Furry Faces Contest on

December 16, 2011

I was recently asked to be the guest judge for this week’s Furry Faces photography competition on If you are not familiar with this terrific website, you need to check it out. It is for budding photography enthusiasts as well as professional photographers interested in displaying their craft for both exposure and enjoyment.

I have to admit, judging the contest was overwhelming because there were simply so many good animal portraits. They ranged from traditional dog and cat portraits, kids with animals, and last but not least some “not so furry” animals such as ladybugs, frogs and even a preying mantis. With over 400 images to look at, it was hard to narrow it down to ten top choices. I liked so many, I tried to squeeze in five honorable mentions. They were that good.

Not sure if the finalists are up yet, but go to to see the winners. While you’re browsing you can also check out the interview about me at Come back in a little bit and I will try to display some of the winning shots.  Enjoy! kim

Sharper Cards New Postcards and Holiday Cards

October 12, 2011

For several years I have had a great partnership with Sharper Cards, a business to business card company based in Calgary CA. Sharper Cards provides the appointment cards that your local veterinary hospital sends you. My licensing line with Sharper Cards consists of notecards, postcards, and totebags. Below are a few samples of the newest designs. To view the Kim Levin™ line of cards at Sharper, go to:

Featuring Bodhi, an English Bulldog puppy, on his skateboard

Featuring Scarlett, a bloodhound puppy, with her tennis ball

Featuring Jolie, a Golden Retriever, smiling

Featuring Alo, Breyer and Sophie hanging out

Featuring Snickers and Bailey cuddling together

Featuring Lulu and Ruth, two King Charles Spaniels, touching noses

Featuring Moxie and Milo, two yellow Labrador Retrievers, sharing a moment

Monmouth County SPCA Ad Campaign

August 17, 2011

For over ten years I have supported my local Monmouth County SPCA. My support started with the introduction of their yearly calendar which I photographed for four years. I recently had the honor of photographing an advertising campaign that is currently running from August through October here in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex, NJ counties. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness about rescuing and adopting animals from the shelter. The Monmouth County SPCA is one of 50 shelters participating in the National ASPCA $100,000 Challenge. Each shelter’s goal is to increase the number of adoptions throughout the three month period vs. the previous year. There may be a shelter in your area that is participating in the ASPCA so check out your local shelter.

The MCSPCA is running both outdoor billboards and bus shelters as well as print ads and posters. Below are the billboards and posters.  Please visit to learn more about the shelter and ways that you can help.