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Dogs from Ground Zero

September 11, 2012

Back in 2001, a few weeks after Sept. 11th, I was sent to photograph the dogs working at Ground Zero by Bark Magazine. I was living in Red Bank, NJ at the time so I took the train into the city and made my way down to Ground Zero. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy assignment but I knew I had a job to do and I felt like all the experience I had up until that point, had prepared me for that moment. Part of the reason I was given the assignment is that I had photographed a book called “Working Dogs. Tales from Animal Planet’s K-9 to 5 World” (Discovery Books/Random House) in 2000, and several of the dogs featured in Working Dogs were search and rescue dogs.

Below are some of the photographs that I took on that day and that were published in Bark Magazine the Fall of 2001.

“Loki at WTC”

“Loki with Vets and Police Office Ulmer”


“NYPD Canine Unit Hat”

Additionally, my publishing company, Andrews McMeel, had asked if I had any photographs of dogs with the American Flag. I didn’t but I told them I would be honored to go out and take some. I took my dog Charlie around my neighborhood. It wasn’t hard finding American Flags in front of homes – almost every other house had one on their front porch. This picture is the result of that shoot. Charlie is no longer with us, like so many others that day. Here’s my tribute to them.

“Charlie with Flag”

Published in Dogma 2002 (Andrews McMeel Publishing)

Looking back at all of these photographs brings back all of the heartache and hope of those days following September 11th. I lost a friend that day. This post is dedicated to Jim Walsh, one of the nicest guys I ever met.

Fine Art Prints and Posters from Image Conscious

September 4, 2012

Well it’s been a long summer with my kids and my dog Reilly. I know this because I haven’t blogged much since July and that means I have been bogged down, literally with swim team, the beach, vacationing in Cape Cod and well, just being a mom. Of course, I haven’t stopped working the month of August but blogging just took a backseat to everything else. That said, I am happy to share some of what I have been working on this past summer starting with my new print and poster line from Image Conscious.

For as many years I have licensed my dog and cat images, I have always wanted to have a fine art print line and I am happy it has finally come to fruition. Starting back in January 2012, five dog prints were released. These prints showed up in some exciting places like Z Gallerie in Chicago and Marshall’s stores all over the U.S. You can also order them “on-demand” and print on either paper or canvas.

Below are some of the new prints available including some of my favorite cat images. Enjoy!


“Nikkos and Zippy” 20×16 poster – photograph originally published in Catrimony (Stewart, Tabori and Chang)


“Five Kittens” – photograph originally published as the cover of Caternal Instincts (Stewart, Tabori and Chang)


“Kitten with Laundry” – originally published in Caternal Instincts


“Ben” – originally published in Pawfiles (Andrews McMeel Publishing)


“Winnie” – photograph originally published in Pawfiles.


“Ragdoll Kitten with Statues” – photograph originally published in Caternal Instincts (STC)


“Birdie” – Photograph originally published in the ASPCA Annual Calendar and Cattitude (STC)


“Sweetpea” – photograph originally published in Pawfiles (Andrews McMeel Publishing)

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