Dogplay to Be Featured on

Check out on Monday, March 29th. They will be featuring my new book Dogplay. Until then, here are some images from the book that haven’t been posted.

Here’s Bart – what a great face! I adored taking Bart’s portrait. I have to admit – it was not hard getting great shots of him because he was so attentive and funny.

Here’s Bart’s sister Lucy. She also had an adorable face. I loved her soulful eyes.

Here’s Smackers. I have gotten a lot of comments about Smackers. Most of the comments have been – “what is he?” A greyhound, of course. He’s 10 years old and he’s ridiculously happy. I laugh every time I see his picture. It reminds me of our day together.

What would a dog book be without a dog with a bone. Especially one about being happy! This is Rosie. I like the composition of this shot. And she really couldn’t be bothered with me. She was more interested in her bone.

I am starting to enjoy this blogging thing. If you have a chance to read – I’d love to hear what you think. Also, feel free to check out Dogplay in the bookstore, or on my e-store where I personally sign copies of the book. Don’t forget to check on Monday, March 29th.


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